The comfort of the rod and staff

Disclaimer: Photo not mine.   So I’d like to share with you something I learned lately. We all know Psalm 23. The Lord Is My Shepherd A Psalm of David. 1     The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2     He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. 3     He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of […]

If she says, “No”.

Warrior,   I know you tried hard. I know you prayed as much as you could. I know you prepared as much as you can.   But I know that you know that she’s allowed to say “No.”   I know it’s hard. You probably cry yourself at night. Or probably wake up crying. Or probably both. […]

Do you ever feel isolated?

Originally posted on The Campus Connection:
Being isolated could be one of the worst things that could ever happen to anyone. You know, that feeling of being separated from your community and support group, and being alone to face problems and to troubleshoot your life. Going through difficult times is really tough, but going through…


Pain is everyone’s issue. But everyone has their own way of dealing with it.   Some people overeat. Myself included. *sighs* Some oversleep. Some overspend. A lot of people distract themselves by going to far away places. Some spend their time on video games. Some drown themselves in alcohol. Artists usually make use of the pain to make […]

To my future wife

  I’m not as tall as the other guys, but I’ll make sure I can kiss you on your forehead as often as you want. My skin has blemishes, but I’m trying my best to maintain proper hygiene. I hope that counts for something. I’m not as handsome as those leading men that you see […]


Isa? Lima? Sampu? Bente? Trenta? Singkwenta? Sisenta? Di ko na alam… Di ko na alam at di ko na maintindihan. Di ko na alam kung ilang taon na kong naghahagilap. Paikot-ikot, ni hindi ko na alam kung san na ko papunta. Kasi hindi ko na makita ang inaapakan ng aking mga paa. Para bang wala […]

Because I also have something to say…

Seems like everyone is hyped and updated about the latest news about the “arrogant” lady who slapped a driver.   First things first, I didn’t watch the video. I don’t know the details.   I’m not taking sides. I only wrote this one… because I have something to say… just like everyone else.   It seems like a […]